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Rattan Sticks For Rattan Percussion Mallets, Rattan Drum Sticks

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Rattan Sticks For Rattan Percussion Mallets, Rattan Drum Sticks

Rattan is one of realeble wood, even with it thin shape it is strong yet flexible. 


Our Rattan sticks are from Best Quality Indonesia Rattan. The durable are no doubt, since Indonesia are one of the biggest exporter of Rattan. We also export Rattan frequently that’s our confident come from. Dekor Asia, supported by our professional and talented craftman carefully pick the good rattan that suit for rattan stick or the requested custom rattan.


Rattan Stick with Length around 40cm & dia 0.7-10mm suit for many purpose such as marimba stick, toy, decoration, etc. The rattan has no joint and has high density and flexiblility. The straight stick and light-weight with beautiful finish will give you a comfortable grip.  


We also accept custom of Rattan Stick as your request. 


Size: 7 - 10 mm, 420 - 430 mm

Diameter: 7.0 - 8.0 mm / 8.1-9.0 mm / 9.1-10 mm / In the big end


Supply Ability: 10000 Pair/Pairs per Month



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