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Product Detail

Rattan Stick / Rattan Timpani Mallets for Drums Sticks

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Rattan Stick / Rattan Timpani Mallets for Drums Sticks


Supplier and Manufacturer For Rattan Percussion Mallet or Rattan Sticks Marimba Mallets, Acoustic Percussion Marimba Very bright mallet on Rattan, While they are relatively light-weight, they produce a surprisingly full-bodied sound with an exceptional spread of high and low overtones.

They have terrific resilience off the bar resulting in a very comfortable feel in the hand, Rattan Marimba Mallet produces a very warm, elegant sound with a clear attack. Extremely useful for a wide range of playing on, especially where blend and warmth are needed without losing clarity

Rattan Percussion Mallets, Rattan Marimba Mallets, These mallets are designed for new or experienced musicians. Can be used on multiple instruments for indoor and outdoor use. Great for home, practice, conсerts, and competitions. Great for middle school and high schoolers to stay practicing in and out of classes. Wrapped Mallet with Unbreakable rattan Handle series is designed to be ideal for the advanced and professional musicians. Has a smooth shaft for comfortable grip in the hand. Handles are made from special strong and flexible rattan, which is unbreakable in any tehnic of playing.

Quality of their sound is foundation for several years of development work. Their weight and momentum is perfect, compact and rich.

Rattan Mallets, Rattan Mallet, rattan percussion mallets, We export rattan and Bamboo Mallets to some major percussion instrument manufacturer . Size are from 6 to 12 mm.

Supply ability are 5000 sticks per month. Very High quality and high density rattan for the best quality of percussion mallets and marimba mallets, Please visit to see more information.

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